TESTDAF 12 Points or Telc B2 which is harder?

My name is Bradley. I am from Canada but I am now living in Germany. I am living with my German girlfriend and have been learning german now for about 6 months. I am around a b1 level. I learn quickly and understand a lot. Though my advanced vocabulary and Grammar is limited. 

I have to take a B2 level German test within the next few months for my school. I need to either pass the telc B2 or get 12 points on the testdaf, a DSH 1 or something equivalent. 

My simple question is what should I do? I only need to get a 3 on each section of the TESTDAF (12 points). Is that still more difficult then the TELC B2? 

I understand TESTDAF is more technical. Is there a set of technical words I could study to help with that? 

Thank you all!


Jun 3, 2018 2:08 PM