About lonely Today is Saturday. I can read my best book named The Book Thief. l will spend one hour in reading my English book. And then, I will go running with my friends. I like reading a variety of books. Yup , I am a book lover who is very crazy. In the last few years, I always buy book so that I am so poor. But now I change my mind , I have  read a book and buy one.If I don't have read it, I won't buy it. After that, my life become more and more colorful and meaningful. I shouldn't follow my feelings to do everything I want to do.I should according to my actually situation to plan something. In my opinion, choices sometimes are more important than abilities. If you are confused, you'd better don't make choices. When you are calm, maybe the choices are right. As a person, we just have several decades life, we' better make right choices and cherish everything what we think. As human being, we always feel happy and angry and sad and pleasant. In my life, I think lonely is very fine. Maybe we might be afraid of it, but if we enjoy it, we can be surprised with it. When I read alone, I am  satisfied with  great time. I'm happy if you enjoy lonely.  😊 Thanks.
Mar 29, 2019 11:45 PM
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Lonely is the bigest probllem in my live. I don't know why i got this way. Sometime's i feel like my only friend, i am very angry when i feel alone among many people. I am always trying to join with other people but i am always be opposite side. So it's like, i just live in illusion world "Social media". Why is everything so heavy? 
March 30, 2019