Could you help me correcting my English mistakes in this text? One day, I heard from a man I could do whatever I wanted. I didn’t understand what exactly he meant to say. Today I wish I could heard it from him again. I wish I could sit in front of him again and heard him tell me stories of his life. The craziest ones. Those one which inspired me being where I am. I wish I could tell him it’s not being easy hold everything by myself, but also I’d like to share my craziest experiences in this country. I bet he’d call me crazy hahah Today when I wake up I reminded how was our last moment together. Days before I gone, we agreed to not hug each other, also pretend my last day it’d be a normal day as any other. We’re not good at goodbyes. I remember minutes before I gone, my heart bumped as fast as a Samba school. So he approached and handed me a letter without saying any word. When I left he was talking to someone else. I just took my purse and gone. Without looking behind. I just got up courage to open the letter when I was in my car. I don’t need to say I cried like a baby, Do I? He’s not my father. He’s not my grandpa or uncle. He’s just one of the most brightest person I’ve ever met. We don’t keep in touch anymore. I promised him I’d send him my first snow picture. But I didn’t send him. I’m just living my life as he advised me. Today’s not his birthday either. And you must be wondering why I wasted my time writing all this and the answer is: we must share what our heart is overflow of and today my heart is overflowing of gratefulness.
May 19, 2019 5:31 PM
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send me a text in private ( as I would be able to copy paste your text in a PM and correct the mistakes in it, something I can not do here as no pasting is allowed)
May 19, 2019
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