Can you proofread my translation of a short abstract? Thanks in advanced! Guys, could you help me with my translation of an abstract? I just need a native speaker of English to proofread it.

Here it is:
This study aims at analyzing the possibility of applying the public order foundation to the decree of several precautionary measures of prison, going beyond the forecasting in art. 312 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CCP), which refers only to preventive custody. The various precautionary measures of prison were inserted in the Brazilian legal system through the Law 12,403/2011, with the purpose of being an alternative to the precautionary incarceration. The general requirements for decreeing these measures are listed in art. 282, CCP, in which there is no express reference to the guarantee of public order. Before this scenario, it is relevant to ask: does the guarantee of public order serve as a basis only for pre-trial detention? Or can it also be used for implementing several precautionary measures of prison? This subject is justified by the need to discuss the problems of the Brazilian prison system, especially in relation to provisional prisoners, so that alternative measures to prison are always revealed as institutes that deserve attention on the part of the academic community. It is, moreover, a bibliographical study, with consultation to several juridical works and jurisprudence. At last, it is claimed that the requirement of the guarantee of public order should be extended also to the various precautionary measures of prison and that its locus only in art. 312, CCP, is inadequate.

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