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What trends did you follow when you were younger?

A trend is defined as something popular at a certain period of time. It is usually related to the fashion industry and entertainment.

   When we were younger, it is always nice to follow trends to fit in or to feel or look cool. As a young kid who loves watching TV and browsing magazines, I followed a lot of trends.


    I used to like big belts, ripped jeans and chunky accessories, colorful outfits and so on. Now that I am older, I don't follow a lot of trends.


What about you ..What trends did you follow when you were young?

May 25, 2019 6:55 AM
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@Irina Even me, I also follow trends.  It is part of being a social being.
May 25, 2019
I am far from being a teenager but still follow the trends that look appealling to me for some reason. High waisted jeans for example. And I don't believe people who say that they Do not follow trends. Even if you Do not you go shopping one day and there they ARE so we are kind of forced to be a part of this thing. 
May 25, 2019
I was a football hooligan and part of a hooligan firm back in school days. I joined It to give vent to my anger and frustration that had accumulated on account of being ethnically discriminated in school. I wanted to be a menace to society, a walking weapon which was forged in endless fisticuffs.  Nevertheless, I concluded later that beating people for their sports preferences was another form of discrimination and I wasn't any better than the people who had been insulting me. 
May 25, 2019
I was a rebel against trends and always dressed unfashionably on purpose
May 25, 2019

That is a tough question, to begin with.

When I was back in college, I used to read a lot of books and spent most of the time with my friends. I was crazy about movies. I had almost spent all my pocket money either on movies or on street food  (I'm from Mumbai, India - It's famous for street food)

May 25, 2019
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