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Funny things about masculine and feminine in Portuguese!
Did you know that hundreds of Portuguese nouns have similar but different meanings according to their gender? If you have more funny examples, tell us!

Banheiro=lifeguard, bathroom  Banheira=bathtub
Barco=boat       Barca=barque
Bolo=cake Bola=ball
Caldo=soup     Calda=syrup
Cano=pipe       Cana=cane
Casco=hoof, hull     Casca=skin, peel, shell
Cerco=encirclement, siege   Cerca=fence, hedge
Cinto=belt       Cinta=girdle, waist
Copo=glass, cup Copa=paintry, tree top, competition cup
Fosso=ditch,moat     Fossa=septic tank, trench
Fruto=fruit Fruta=eatable fruit
Jarro=jug, pitcher     Jarra=vase, jug
Modo=way, manner, mode  Moda=fashion
Olheiro=overseer Olheira(s)=dark rings under the eyes
Perno=pin Perna=leg
Porto=port       Porta=door
Ramo=branch, bunch    Rama=foliage, branches
Rio=river       Ria=estuary
Saco=sack, bag      Saca=big sack, bag
Sapato=shoe Sapata=console bracket
Trilho=rail, track     Trilha= threshing, track
Veio=seam, shaft Veia=vein
May 29, 2019 1:12 PM
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