What is sport nowadays? What is sport? Honest playing sportsmen or politicized business? 
Football, Olympic games ..sounds like gladiator fights sometimes. Sportsmen rarely don't have any problems with health after all and rarely people remember their names. Also everything sales and buys. A strong team is playing on the field, but players move like they have parkenson, and other team win 1/7 or 1/5 like in spectacle. 
What is it all for? What do you think about sport in general? Would it change something if sportmen don't have label of the countries they represent? 
May 30, 2019 12:48 PM
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Sport nowday is a combination of everything you wrote but the truth is that it's nothing new. It always was like that. There are for example many ancient Greek sources which are describe cheating, bribing and even organised doping durring sporting events. Vision of sport as a rivalisation of gentlemen is in fact a myth from the Victorian Period. It was an effect of the imagination of the of the English and French nobility, artists and scientists living in the XIXth century about the Antiquity and the Middle Age. Sometimes it was even a special and intentional creation about that.
May 30, 2019
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