tips & tricks for transitioning to your target language
After working in my native English all day, the transition to my target Italian quickly in time for my tutoring lesson is proving challenging. What are some tips and tricks you do that help you with the transition?
May 31, 2019 3:05 PM
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With the kind of work you do, are you able to listen to music? I like to stream radio, music and podcasts in my target languages during the workday. Even if I can't completely focus on what I'm hearing, I still usually end up absorbing something new.

If you work at a computer, you can change the the system settings so that things appear in the language you're learning. This has really helped me! It forces you to learn quickly. Just remember how to change it back in case you get stuck and have to things done.

I have about and hour commute, so I listen to lots of language learning podcasts, audiobooks and live radio. For French and Italian I was able to find apps where I could stream live radio. Sure, it's hours later where they are, but it gives the feeling of beimg there.

I hope some of this helps you! I have the same problem so I look for ways to immerse myself in the language any way I can. Good luck!
June 8, 2019
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