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Shao Wei 韦逸肖
how to get more corrections in the “Notebook” community
Thank you for your suggestions~
They’re really helpful to me!
May 14, 2020 8:20 AM
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As English is in high demand, I don't think it's easy to get several corrections for notebook entries. I correct German notebook entries and there most notebooks also only receive one correction because correctors skip over already corrected entries. In other languages, like Russian you can get 5 to 10 corrections for one entry, which I honestly find frustrating because it gives me the feeling to having written something extremely bad, that makes everyone feel compelled to correct me... On the other hand, I published several English notebook entries for which I didn't receive a single correction, so they were completely overlooked.

Anyway, if you want to have more corrections, you should start correcting Chinese notebook entrie by English speakers. Then you can ask them to correct your entries in return.
May 14, 2020
People skip over already corrected entries, especially it the correction is good enough. Sometimes people make correction at the same time and it takes a while for the system to propagate the entries through into the correct time of posting. This is why you can post something that you think is the first entry but it wasn't and another earlier entry arrives later.
Sometimes people add a different perspective, or correct a wrong correction. Also you can post inside the dead times when nothing is happening because of the different time zones globally.

You can try this trick that many users use. Either add your own comment when posting. Like "your help would be much appreciated" people follow like sheep, as the lyrics to an old song go. People add a comment after they see at least a "1" added by the system. Or you can wait a while and then bring it back to the surface by adding a comment like as above.
May 14, 2020
Ok, I just checked your notebook entries and I would say that your English level is already very good and that the corrections made by the other user are sufficient. There's simply not much to add by other correctors. Instead of longing for more corrections, you should be confident about your great writing. :)
May 14, 2020
As a teacher if I see someone else has already corrected it I simply don’t . I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing .
May 14, 2020
I usually don’t correct entries that have at least one correction unless I feel that the correction wasn’t that great.

The main things that motivate me to correct an entry are: 1) it is short, 2) it is long but has minimal errors, 3) it’s not a technical writing about a topic I know nothing about, 4) the person who wrote it previously corrected something I wrote and 5) no one else has corrected it.
May 19, 2020
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