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Languages in your country
How many official languages does your country have?
Which one is spoken the most?
How many of those languages are you fluent in?
In South Africa we have 11 official languages.
Zulu is the most spoken language in SA
I am fluent in four of our official languages.
May 16, 2020 3:17 PM
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De jure (in law), the UK as a whole doesn't have an official language; there is only a de jure official language in Wales, which is part of the UK. The official language of Wales is Welsh. Therefore, the only official language within the UK is Welsh.

Of course, de facto (in reality), the official language of the UK is English.
May 16, 2020
English, Māori and NZ Sign Language.

While I've only ever witnessed Māori being spoken "in the wild" twice, it's quite common to have formal addresses at public events in both English and Māori, occasionally w/ only Māori and a brief English lead in. TV news is typically in English, occasionally with a sign language translator. Given the low spread, though, I have not bothered learning Māori to date, with roughly 20,000 in close to 5,000,000 speaking it fluently the incentive is fairly small. I probably know ~ 200 Māori words and actively use maybe 30 =} (they're scattered through NZ English).
May 16, 2020
@clovek we also have sign language translators on the news!
May 16, 2020
In Turkey
Juat Turkish is official language
But People of Turkey speak Turkish,Kurdish, Arabic, Lazish, Armanian etc
The most speaking language is Turkish
I can speak Turkish, Kurdish,Arabic and English
May 16, 2020
@Adam I am only teaching English on italki. The other languages are indigenous to South Africa and not the rest of the world .
May 16, 2020
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