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ホセ・ミゲル - José Miguel
The Russian language
Hello everybody! My name is Jose and I enjoy to learn new languages! In future (about 2 or 3 months), im going to start to study russian and for that reason id like to know your experiences about the language!
Is it so doficult or easy?
Was you able to find a good way to study it correctly?
What are your strategys to learn russian?
How long time have you been studying russian and what could you learn?

May 31, 2020 5:24 PM
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Im a native Macedonian (slavic) speaker and all I did to have my 1st successful conversation, with a Russian speaker 2 days ago in Russian ,is i finished all the Duolingo lessons about Russian.

When you say im gonna learn Russian you should say im gonna learn "Slavic".

Russian is easy for me because is 80% the same words, its preaty cool. So please learn Russian, if you ask me , it is a easy language.

After learning Russian, you will understand Ukranian and 70-80 % balkan slavic.



If you say one sentence in 3 languages (Macedonian, Russian , and Polish) all 450 million slavic people will understand you
May 31, 2020
ホセ・ミゲル - José Miguel
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