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The difference of シ(shi) and ツ(tsu)
Some people who study Japanese have same question about difference
of シ(shi) and ツ(tsu). So I write here the advice about it. Before writing Katakana, please try to write big し(shi)and つ(tsu)in hiragana. After that, please try to write katakana on it. I mean the 3 lines of シ(shi)start from same virtical line. The start points of 3 lines are from same virtical lines of し. Then 3 lines of ツ(tsu)start from same horizontal line. The start points of 3 lines are from same horizontal line of つ. I'm sorry for my terrible English. I hope this advice helps your study.
Jun 3, 2020 7:18 PM
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The picture says:
La シ mira al shielo.
La ツ mira al tsuelo.
That means:
The シ looks at the sky. “Sky” is “cielo” in Spanish but to connect it with the し sound, it’s written “shielo” here.
The ツ look at the ground. “Ground” is “suelo” in Spanish but again to remember the pronunciation of つ it’s written “tsuelo” here.

In English you could maybe say:
The シ looks at the sheiling (aka ceiling).
The ツ looks at the tsoil (aka soil).
June 3, 2020
Mariam san
Thank you very much for the goodadvice. Yes it's good method to remember the sound\(^o^)/
My advice is only about distinction of the shape and how to write.
June 3, 2020
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