Studying 2 languages at once and looking for tips
Hi! So, I'm wondering if anyone has tips for studying two languages at once. Currently, I'm learning Spanish and Russian and am having a difficult time trying to find a good study routine for both during the week. If it helps, I'm planning to dedicate more time to learn Spanish as my main language, while Russian is more of a hobby, and I know it will take longer to achieve an advanced level in it. I'm trying to build back up my Spanish skills after having studied it for several years, and I've just been studying Russian for about two years. Anyone doing the same? Looking for some advice.
Jun 4, 2020 2:51 PM
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This is interesting. I am also working on Spanish and Russian at the same time.
But I have been studying Spanish for 5 years and Russian for about 1 year, so Spanish is more "maintenance and improvement" whereas Russian is a newer project.
I do have some thoughts about the challenge of 2 languages at once.

1) It helps if the writing system and grammar are very different (you have this base covered)
This helps a little in keeping them separated in your mind.

2) I split the day, meaning one language gets studied in the morning and the other at night.

3) I use different methods for each language. So if you are using a flash card system for one language, use something else for the other one, etc.

4) Have clear goals for each language that are specific and also have smaller milestones to move towards and celebrate.

I am happy to discuss this further.
June 4, 2020
Hello! I'm learning two languages too, English and Spanish.

I'm with Ian with having two separated clear goals for each one.

Besides, I work harder to learn English, studying it daily, while I'm studying Spanish once a week. It helps me when I'm feeling saturated.

I'm sure you'll succeed in having two languages under your belt!

June 4, 2020
Hola will, there is a saying in Spanish that goes: “el que mucho abarca poco aprieta” Meaning that “sometimes” trying to focus on many things won’t get you to do all of them well. Of course in some cases that is not true. So my suggestion will be to focus on one language at the time. Also once you learn a new language it is easier to learn a second or third one. I learned English many years ago and now I can teach it. Now I am learning Chinese and I find that it is easier although Chinese is a very difficult language. But you remember all the stages of learning the first language and it seems like it helps you to deal with the new language much better.

I hope this tip helps you.

June 8, 2020
last year I was studying 3 languages at once (English - Korean and Japanese). I split my day into 2 periods. morning and evening period. the morning period was for Korean and Japanese while the evening period was for English. I made very little progress in all of them and I decided to only focus on English instead.
June 8, 2020
I've been doing practically the same as Ian, despite our languages be different - in my case English and Italian. The huge difference between them is that while I've been experienced some contact with the former over the last years, I'm starting the second one from zero. Curiously italian is easier than english for me.
June 4, 2020
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