Sensitive Topic about Policy
There were so many protests and loots that happened in the US recently. First, I hope that racism problems can be solved, society goes back in peace, and people return to a healthy life. But I afraid at least for decades the racism problems will still be a barely closed scar for the US. There will not be a civil rights activist like 80 yrs ago in society, who can unite and lead all the different vulnerable groups to fight together for the same goal.

Remember that sentence because the upper-upper class(1%) in the US knows the principle too. They do not want an activist to appear again who can unite people, challenge them and fight for benefits. So there is a smart way they created to isolate different groups and prevent a great leader emerging. It is ' Tag the groups'. I will give a metaphor to make things clear. If you can imagine, the US social structure is a rectangular paper. The original version is that you draw a horizontal line across the paper. The upper part is 1% class who owns the means of production and operates for profit. The lower part is all of the rest, yes, the middle class is still belongs to this part, because they do not have production resources. Back to the point, the 'Tag the groups' strategy is that you draw several vertical lines in the lower part of the paper. These isolated small parts can be African American, Asian American, Muslim American LGBT, etc.

Now the upper-upper class can give benefits and implement it though government to lower level. But the upper-class enforces the beneficial policy in a differential way between the tagged group. For example, they gave a kind of welfare to Asian Americans but offered another kind of welfare to other groups. The 'Tagged groups' will start to have a conflict of interest. They will compare the beneficial policies offered by other disadvantaged groups, and each group might think they are the most underprivileged who should get more or better benefits than others.

The richest and the most powerful ppl always want to keep the society in the way they want, no matter in which country. Something they did, you can observe it in real-life but something you can't.
Jun 9, 2020 2:28 AM
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