Yes, i am another one of a billion people looking for an english-speaking partner to improve my skills. Maybe my unusual text will attract you? No? Well.
Jun 9, 2020 7:20 PM
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Haha I love your humor! My name is Lily, i was born in Russia, but living in South Africa for many years, so it's safe to say I'm a native-speaker by now. Let me know if you're up for some conversation practice! It would be great to hear some news from Mother Russia ;)
June 9, 2020
can I practice with you guys? pls 🥺
June 9, 2020
Yes, your text is unusual. I can practice with you, I'm looking for an english-speaking partner too.

June 9, 2020
Haha, I bet you are all set now!
June 11, 2020
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