Is it possible to learn 2 language in the same time ?
Hi friends
When first time I join this app I want to learn English and German but as time goes on I think I can't focus learning 2 languages in the same time for begginer ,so I start to more time to focus with english first .
But after I do it then I forgot about basic about german language I had learned before :)
How about you all friends in process learning more than 1 languages what do you set up on your schedule to learning .I'm so thankful if you would give me some tips too .
Jun 21, 2020 12:18 PM
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I'm also learning English and German but on different levels (B2 English; A1 German)
I've stopped learning German recently because I wanted to focus on English and It was a bad decision ( Now I have to remind myself a lot) so I don't recommend this method
For me, the best option is to learn for 30-60 min one language and then the other one for the same time - nothing new
Have you ever tried learning these two languages at the same time? For example, I tried to learn German grammar from English video :)

June 21, 2020
You can learn 20 at the same time, start learning any slavic language and after finishing it you will know at least 10.000 words in each slavic language.

I "learned" Russian in 1 month
June 21, 2020
Hi Nenad
Woah thats cool in 1 month
I think Russian it's a little bit harder than German :) because Russian have a spesific alphabet
June 21, 2020
Hi Sylwia Thanks for your response
Yeah I have
I learning for German I watching by Easy German .
How about you friend?
June 21, 2020
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