Naeem Amran
Long distance language partner 😕😕
An awesome language partner is nor easy to found😶😶😐, But we are lucky enough to get Such an amazing Partner🤗🤗😇
But if he/she is so much far away like living other continent or have a big time difference😫😫😢
Then How can you manage this ????? 🤐🤐
Jun 21, 2020 6:27 PM
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Take turns losing sleep! That's what I've done in the past. One time I stay up late, the next time they stay up late.

If you really find a good language partner (which is not an easy task in itself), it is worth it.

Try to choose a schedule that minimizes any extreme difference between your time zones.

Best of luck! :)
June 21, 2020
Thank you, Russ🤗🤗
For sharing your experience 😋😋😋
June 21, 2020
Come on,
Everyone share your experience 🤓🤓
June 21, 2020
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