About the time, the money and the life
The time is one of my favourite theme. When I see sad people who work a lot of hours in a office, that they hate, to earn money to spend in material things such a new smartphone, a more beautiful car or a fashionable dress I think that they can't be happy, because they are paying all these beautiful things not with their money, but with their own lives. The material things we can buy with money earned by a job we don't like to do can really fill that sense of emptyness? Can they satisfy us? Can they cancell the feeling that something is going wrong?
The time is the most precious thing a person owns. And it's wonderful to think that everyone owns the same quantity of time, the only difference between a person and another is how they use their time, how they conduct their lives.
The richest of the men has the same time of the poorest of them. And often the most beautiful things you can enjoy in your life are free as the sunset, the sound of the autumn rain or a lovely hug...the wonder of nature and of simple things are always there waiting to be seen again.
Jun 23, 2020 10:38 AM
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Time is what we lose when:

<em>We squander health in search of wealth. </em>
<em>We scheme and toil and save, </em>
<em>then squander wealth in search of health </em>
<em>and all we get is a grave. </em>
<em>We live and boast of what we own, </em>
<em>We die and only get a stone.</em>

Author unknown
June 25, 2020
Hi Silvana. First of all, thanks for an interesting topic. I totally agree with you on the fact that people should use their time efficiently. Time is our treasure. And sunset, rain, hug - all this gives us happiness, I agree. But it doesn’t mean that money is less important. Yes, money can’t buy happiness, but money can buy us things that make us happy. And in order to earn money we need to work. We always need money no matter where we are in our lives.

And I think that, if there were no work or people were not so busy, they wouldn’t even notice those beautiful things around them, all those things would be very ordinary for them..

June 23, 2020

Yes, time is really all we have, and we have to choose what we trade it for.

I remember an old economics professor who liked to set new students a task. It went something like: If you could swap the next fifteen years of your life, working sixteen hours a day in a uranium mine or on an offshore oil rig, for enough money to live comfortably after that without working, would you do it?

It really helped to bring out personality differences, and helped us to think about our priorities ;)

June 25, 2020
Hi Silvana I liked your comments and totally agree with your thoughts about time , I also enjoy <em>the sound of the autumn rain....</em>but it´s summer and is still raining ... I demand an explanation .

Greetings from Ireland
June 23, 2020
I couldn't agree any less. We need to make use of our time, we all have the same 24 hours.
June 23, 2020
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