IbuGuru Zimmerman
Learning language but doesn't use the target language to communicate. How is it possible?
My husband is an English native speaker. He wants to master my native language which is Bahasa Indonesia.
I myself as an Indonesian always encourage him to read the Indonesian book I bought him. It's just a simple comic book.
By reading it every nights, he catches some vocabularies.

What is the function of the authentic material? In this case is the comic book. It is not created for teaching purposes. It's an authentic book for enjoyment.
Some people said authentic material for reading can help us to add more vocabulary. Yes, it is right.
But it's not just about adding vocabulary that matters the most in my opinion, it's about vocabulary recycling.
The more you use the words, the more you permanently remember them.

So don't forget to recycle your vocabulary, guys!
Semangat in learning Bahasa teman-teman!
Jun 23, 2020 1:19 PM
IbuGuru Zimmerman
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