Help with translating Korean words please!
Hello! I found some words (or maybe they aren’t words) but I can’t find the meaning for some of them.

<ul><li>선릉 </li><li>닫나요</li><li>같니</li><li>같이 (like, as, <s>look</s> like)?</li><li>심리</li><li>암암리에</li><li>삼류</li><li>덥니 (hot)?</li><li>덮니 (cover)?</li><li>십리 </li><li>싶리 (i’d love to, i want)?</li><li>집만 (house only)?</li><li>짚만 (straw only)?</li><li>잇몸 (gum)?</li><li>옷만 샀어</li><li>연어 (salmon / compound)?</li><li>좋다</li></ul>

please lmk if you know any of their meanings or if they aren’t even words 😅
thank you :)
Jun 25, 2020 8:02 AM
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Many of these words have more than one meaning, so it is always better to include the sentence they are used in.

선릉 = a place name in Seoul (originally a site of a King's wife's grave).
닫나요? = (do you) close? (닫다 = to close)
같니? = is it the same?
같이 (like, as, look like)? = like (preposition); together (adverb).
심리 = psychology (心理); deliberation (審理).
암암리에 = clandestinely, secretively.
삼류 = third class (三流)
덥니 (hot)? =CORRECT
덮니 (cover)? = CORRECT
십리 = old unit of distance (about 4 km).
싶리 (i’d love to, i want)? = 싶니? (not 리) means "do you want to ...?). 싶리 doesn't exist.
집만 (house only)? = CORRECT
짚만 (straw only)? = CORRECT
잇몸 (gum)? = CORRECT
옷만 샀어 = bought clothes only.
연어 (salmon / compound)? = salmon.
좋다 = is good.
June 25, 2020
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