A little help here
Hi guys, how u all doing? (I hope is everything okay :D)

I've a little dauting here, what kinda of routine you keep to keep training a language you being studying?
Like u focus on music? Texts? Translations?

Could you gimme some tips about it?

I'd start to learn french in this month and I'm kinda of lost on how to start that and don't forget the new words I've been learning

It'll be awesome !!

Thanks anyway

Jun 25, 2020 10:24 PM
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Hi, for my part :

<ul><li>Music doesn't work. It helped me with the language sounds while learning English as a child, it hasn't helped me much since. I'm a huge opera fan, it didn't help me with Italian at all. Exceptions : Karaoke which requires a big effort. A friend of mine also recorded herself speaking / singing, and basically listen to herself, apparently it's tremendously efficient. Movies : use original subtitles to really learn.</li><li>Translations : While it's a very good general exercise to learn to know the intricacies of a language better (your mother tongue's too!), I didn't find it really useful for learning (but maybe I just lost the habit and I should give it a new chance).</li><li>Reading texts about subjects of interest to me like news articles, with a good dictionary next to me (or !wiktfr on DuckDuckgo, Livio apps on my phone which are based on wiktionary). Etymology helps me learn.</li><li>I use RSS feeds to collect articles. I try to read them entirely once before using a dictionary. Books when I'm motivated. Be selective about your news sources as badly written content is well spread even on major websites.</li><li>Flym, bypass-paywalls; Kiwi browser with extensions, 'nuff said</li><li>self-built vocabulary lists, reviewed at least once a week using your preferred learning method. The Livio apps bookmark feature is good enough for me there, but you can make your own Anki Decks/cards/notebook.</li><li>News and podcasts : German podcasts and news (I'm fluent) and Italian news (I'm rather a beginner) every day, at least for the language music.</li><li>A good grammar reference</li><li>A good learning book / formal writing guide</li><li>Mezzofanti Guild linux mpv youtube-dl tricks.</li><li>Nemanja Nedeljković's uniread </li></ul>

<ul><li>Writing business stuff, business conversations : the best imo. I regularly feel like I'm starting from 0 all over again, because I have to channel my (non-language and language) competences for a purpose while directly confronting another culture. Formal,concise email and reports, purpose-oriented conversations...</li></ul>
June 26, 2020
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