What do you think of Morocco?
<em>What do you think of Morocco?</em>

I have just read an article about Morocco. I marvel at the color of the ancient cities in Morocco, such as the rosy color of Marrakech, the earth-yellow of Fez, the bule of Chefchaouen and so on. There are lots of wonderful places in Morocco, and the beautiful pictures open my eyes. And Chi gaga in the sun is showing its special color, shining and golden. I believe I begin to fall in love with these beautiful ancient cities and I want to add them to my travel plan.

<em>Do you know anything about Morocco, such as in customs and culture, language, music, region and so on. Have you ever travel to Morocco? Is it wonderful as you have thought?</em>

<em>Do you like reading travel articles? Which travel magazines do you like? </em>

I am interested in culture, history, customs and beautiful scenery. Reading travel articles broaden my horizon and make me know more about different places. I like reading <em>Lonely Planet, </em>it gives me many tips to travel to different cities and know these places in depth.
Jun 26, 2020 6:47 AM
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I think the name is very similar to Monaco , i love monaco and would love to live there 10 years from now
June 26, 2020
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