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My struggle 3C to learn English(also every language)Well...

Today i want to share with anyone learning/begining to learn English.I'm sure it's really helful to me,so do you all and maybe there are many people had known this.I see that the general MISTAKE of all learner is to learn many topics,today you learn this topic and tomorrow you'll learn that topic...so on.But what i want to say is "LEARN ONE TOPIC AT A TIME UNTILL YOU'RE MASTERING IT,AND THEN CONTINUEING WITH OTHERS".There are 3 parts which i call:

1,CRW(Category Related Words)

2,CWP(Core Words & Phrases)

3,CSG(Common Structures & Grammars)

The part 1 contains the related words around a topic and this can be changed when we learn another topic.But the most important is part 2 and 3 which almost never change,i call two part is The Core Zone.Because when you're mastering of The Core Zone you can write/read/listen/speak and understand English "OK" even if you don't know many related words.Anyway,i consider that many people still say to me that English or learning a new language is very hard even though they has learn for a long time and known many words.The reason why is they're just mastering of the CRW and missing The Core Zone.


Do you understand my point?Start right now according to my formula and all language tools you have...Find a topic,especially the topic which you like & you have passion with it is the best...then use my Struggle 3C...maybe try to say confidently in a meeting,or others or you yourself in front of mirror.Learning through this way-one topic at a time till mastering it,gradually after several months you'll see many changes!Okay,maybe you think i have many words to say but my hobby is to love understanding and saying the problems deeply,hope you all will success in what you want,but do it at once when you just have idea!


Feb 20, 2012 8:39 AM