r u interested in ur major?

my major is business administration. but i am not interested in business.

i want to be a teacher.  and u?do u love ur major?

Feb 21, 2012 7:12 AM
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<em>I study journalism . Actually it is not exactly journalism .We study about news and hard news and about their styles and some timres we also read translation of them . Others tell us you study journalisim but I am not sure it is exactly journalism or not . yes I like my major and I really am intrested klearning about news and two kind of them . You know ,political words with deep meaning and social words always make me think deeply about most of things in this world. I  hope you can achieve your goals dear Jenny .Amn </em>

February 23, 2012

my major is music education emphasis in piano. I like my major but I'm having a problem because I don't have a piano I could use at home. I am going to be a teacher if I graduate but I don't want to teach in a classroom. I want to be in a studio. A student and teacher lesson.

Then, you should go to what you really want.

February 22, 2012
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