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<em>I have just discover some interesting proverbs about this word"FOOT",hope my all friends notice : -"To be on the back foot" means "To be on the defensive" </em>

<em>Ex:The Asenal team were on the back foot for most of the match and they were lucky to only lose 5 goals by Chelsea.</em>

<em>-"Put your best foot forward" means "to concentrate on your best to complete something"</em>

<em>Ex: Come on now everyone,put your best foot forward or you'll never finish this work.</em>

<em>-"Dead on your feet" means "To be extremely tired"</em>

<em>Ex: I want to stay up late to complete my essay,but was dead on my feet by midnight.</em>

<em>-"Back on your feet" means "you're in the better health after being ill"</em>

<em>Ex:I has had a stomach-ache for a week,but i'm back on my feet again now.</em>

<em>-"To get your feet wet" means "try on testing first to know how/have experience"</em>

<em>Ex:He wanted to go directly into the first team but the coach said he should get his feet wet with the reserve team first!</em>

Feb 23, 2012 12:49 PM