some Moroccan proverbs

Hello everyone, I would like to share those moroccan proverbs on my dialect language.

I will explain soon and I will write down the reading by latin for the others who couldn't read the Arabic letters.

مية تخميمة و تخميمة ولا ضربة بمقص.

اللي دارها بديه افكها بسنيه

ما تقطع الواد حتى تبان حجارو وما تمشي في الليل حتى يطلع نهارو وما تصحب صديق حتى تعرف خبارو

إلى عطاك العاطي, ما تحرث ما تواطي حتى الجبال الطاطي

اللي قال العصيدة باردة, ادير يدو فيها.

المعروض فنهارو, يبقى فدارو.

الطلاب يطلب و مرتو تصدق

الزين تيحشم على زينو والخايب الا هداه الله.

لي ضروا رسوا, اعاود لرسوا.

اللي مدت يدها للحنة, تمدها كلها

لا تسرج حتى تلجم و عقد عقدة صحيحة, و لا تكلم حتى تخمم لا تعود عليك فضيحة.

اللي بغى لعسل يصبر لقريص النحل

المندبة كبيرة و الميت فار.

حزموني ورزموني ولا تعولو عليا.

Apr 16, 2012 12:25 AM
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haha yeah, actually, I cannot understand amazigh language, it's hard for me, actually it exists in morocco some kind of accents, like my accent in marrakesh named (al-bahjwiyah) (البهجوية) it's the lovely and fun accent in Morocco, that's why the people like visiting Marrakesh. Another else for example, in north of Morocco, people usually speak by an accent named (al-shamaliya) (الشمالية) it's really wondeful, I like hearing them in spoken ^^.

April 17, 2012

yes very fast

in syria if some one speaks so fast we tell him  haje tbrber

maybe tamazigh language spoken fastly as western arab world that's why u used to speak in fast way ..


April 17, 2012

hahaha, yeah moroccan it's kinda hard but lovely accent;  you can say like in last, the arabian insult by using the peoms, in moroccan language we have the same way, but actually, it losed, but only like dial who is the best insulting haha. we named (nqaayam)

Actually, it's an arabic dialect, we have the same words usages in arabic, but we short them in talking, that's why the others couldn't understand us because we speak more fast like the american accent, (talking without thinking about the pronunciation of the words).

April 17, 2012

hhhh  i get  only 2 proverbs which we got similar in syria

omg   I need  Syrian-Morrocan dictionary  , ur accents in west of arab world is so lovely I will do my best to learn it , do  u know any method to do that?


April 16, 2012
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