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It is possible and useful to use twitter to learn and to practice languages.

I think to use twitter to learn languages is possible. You can follow for example, twitters related with news papers in the language that you are learning. what do you think about this?

Jun 10, 2012 7:29 PM
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Hello! I'm writing today because I found a very good and useful user in twitter. The name is @ORTOGRAFIA. I recommend this user because all the time is sending useful and interesting messages related with the Spanish language and the correct form to write in Spanish. I hope to receive comments about this user and the material, because I would like to know if this material is useful for you. Thank you so much.






June 1, 2013

i think it is really fresh idea and frankly speaking i never thought about it as a tool of learning. i use fb for learning english and sometimes it can be really helpful. the problem is that i dont like social network and i consider it as time eater. but for those who are online all the time it is a great opportunity to spend time fruitful. and thanks for article.

March 20, 2013

Hi, I would like to hear more comments in this discussion. For now I want to recomment you an user in twitter for spanish learners, it's @ortografia. I thing it's very useful for you because you will read suggestions and clarifications about words with the same pronunciation but different writting and meaning. You can find tips for to write better in spanish. Remember the importance of ortography in Spanish ex:it's not the same circulo, círculo and circuló. I look forforward to any comment or feedback you have. Thank you, regards, DAYANA.   

March 20, 2013

40+ usuarios de Twitter para aprender una lengua extranjera.


Aqui hay usuarios de twiiter para aprender y practicar muchos idiomas hay recomendaciones para Español, Ruso, Francés, japones, italiano, Inglés, Alemán y chino, entre otros.


<a href=""></a> ;





June 16, 2012

I found a good article about this topic. <a title="How To Use Twitter To Learn A New Language" href="" rel="bookmark">How To Use Twitter To Learn A New Language</a>


If you’re thinking of learning a new language <a href="">Twitter</a> is the perfect place to start. It might be an unusual concept, but it really shouldn’t be. There are loads of ways the world’s most popular micro blogging platform can help you master a new language, as this article will show you......


You can continue reading in this link. <a href=""></a>;





June 16, 2012
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