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Hello!!! what is the best way of learning or memorizing new words, especially in Korean???

does everyone have own methods of memorizing words??? need your answers, thanks a lot (^_^) 

Aug 3, 2012 11:00 AM
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When learning new words, using mnemonics is a great way to do it. Find a word in English or in your language that sounds like the new Korean word and use it in a sentence. One example mnemonic that I can remember very well is: CHEW THE (주다) food I GAVE you. 주다 means to give.


You can also use a small notebook and write down new words everytime you come across with. Everyday, aim for a number of words to memorize. But also, it is more helpful if you use those words you just acquired in a story. 


Good luck! ^^

January 9, 2013

song or write it down

August 4, 2012
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