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Have you ever had an invaluable experience in your life? What was it?

Have you ever learned things the hard way?

18 янв. 2013 г., 18:01
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And I'm so sorry to hear that. May she rest in peace. she seemed to be so kind-hearted, and I know that you loved her so much. I am truly sorry for your loss, Craig.

19 января 2013 г.

Oh, she was a good woman. I think, these days we hardly find someone heping us and never turn her/him back on us. But, you are so kind like her, and always help me by correcting my notes and answering my questions. :)

Many many thanks to you, Craig.

19 января 2013 г.
It was her time, she told me she didn't want to reach 100, she'd, "had enough". But I'd known her all my life and even when I was an idiot teenager, she never turned her back on me.
19 января 2013 г.

I know what you mean, Craig. Losing a friend is an awful experience, of course.

18 января 2013 г.
(things + are). Yes I said that because a woman I grew up with died a few years ago, it was near Christmas, she gave us a Christmas card, I wrote her's out but waited to give it to her because I had a cold which I didn't want to give her, and she died before I could give her it. She had been more like my family to me, than most of my blood family. I loved her. She was old, but still, losing a friend isn't nice.
18 января 2013 г.
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