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Bilal Brian
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Recommendation for a week in Egypt

If a person were to visit Egypt for only a week, and they could only visit one city (or region) which city would you recommend and why (Cairo is not included)?



9 mrt 2013 13:12
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10 maart 2013

Thanks for your suggestions everyone :-).

10 maart 2013

of course,sharm elshikh or should also visit luxor to see ancient egyptians museums.welcome in egypt

10 maart 2013

If  you want to relax, you can go to Sharm or Hurghada. If you enjoy the historical sites & you want to see the real Egyptian life, try to visit Alexandria or Luxor.

By the way the weather is great here in Alexandria this time of the year :)

9 maart 2013

Sharm El sheikh


9 maart 2013
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