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Spanish is one of the most difficult languages to learn because of its extensive vocabulary, grammar, idioms, and pronunciation patterns. Focusing on those details, I started thinking about how to help my students to overcome those language barriers more effectively...

Apr 17, 2014 12:00 AM
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What are the tools, methods and strategies to learn a language.  .. a very important question and topic.  Thank you for your thoughts.


Your number 5 (flash cards) would be my number 1.  Without a base of a few thousand words and expressions the other tools are not very effective. 


    And I would recommend a flash card app .. not paper.  I use ANKI which is very effective and free.


     As for patience my thinking is the opposite of yours .. the faster the better.  If you are not making progress find better tools and methods.



May 21, 2015

Great tips!

April 17, 2014

In my opinion I think you have to immerse yourself as a student into the language with full sentences and words even if you don't know any Spanish, I think starting with colors, numbers, etc like in kinder garden is not that good, cause for adults they don't have that patience, you have to be more playful and fluent, make them start with sentences commonly used, as Jim said the faster the better,  at least for beginners i don''t think is good to overload their brains with grammar and rules, I would start with fluency and make themselves understandable while speaking, then when they have more vocabulary and fluency we can check grammar things, at the end it depends of the student's goals but for me understanding and fluency is crucial at the beginning.

Each on of us have our own way to learn and teach and that's really good, people is different so the ways to do it are different too.

February 24, 2016