Mohammad Anas Wahaj
Successful Collaborations

Collaboration is an essential element of leadership and organizational success. But to bring people together, with their diverse views, skills, personalities etc, and then ignite, nurture and support collaborative effort towards a common goal is a challenging task for the leader. Technology provides effective tools to facilitate collaboration and imbibe it in workplace culture. Following are the 5 ways to achieve smart collaboration - (1) Build an online infrastructure for social learning and networking; (2) Set necessary limits for personal information sharing and always try to focus first on the work at hand. Keep it professional and respect other team member's privacy; (3) Disagreements and other negative issues have to be dealt with quickly, honestly and openly. Festering resentment undermines collaboration; (4) Ignite inspiration. Create a culture of sharing. Passion and engagement bring liveliness and provide inspiration. (5) Be natural and true to oneself. Don't fake personality traits and skill set. Sustained collaboration requires honesty and openness. Read on...

Forbes: 5 Leadership Secrets Of Collaboration Success

May 11, 2014 6:27 PM