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Need Help to converse.
Another trial conversation in a railway station:I have written what I meant in English,and my attempt in Hindi.Please correct the mistakes in the Hindi version.
1. In which platform does G.T Express arrive?
    Kaunsa platform mei G.T Express  Aayaeghi?
2.What time it  wil leave?
   Kitna baje woh chutaeghi?
3.Coolie! Come here. You have to take these items to platform no.3.How much should I give you?
 Coolie! Idhar aavo.Tum yeh saaman platform no.3 ko lena hai.Kitna paisa dena hai?
4. All these items are very light. You are asking too much.I will give only 50 Rs.I cannot give you more than that.
   Sabhi Saaman halka hain.Tum bahuth Jyadha kah rahe ho. Mein sirf pachas rupea doonghi.Mein uske jyadha nahin dae sakthi hoon.
 5. Ok.Leave it.I will call  another coolie.  
  Teak hai.Chodo.Mein Doosra coolie ko bulaoonghi.
6.We will take the items ourselves.
  Hum koodh saaman lae chalanghae.
7. Take the items fast .The platform is far.The train is going to start in 15 mins.
   Saaman jaldi lae chal .Platform door hai.Gaadi pandrah mins mei chutnaewaali hai.
8.Keep the items carefully under the seat.
  Seat ke neechae saaman saavadhan ko rakho.

Nov 16, 2008 4:26 PM
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mje wriitten hindi seekhni hai.kya app meri help kary gi??

March 3, 2009
Thanks Natasha for pointing out mistakes and correcting.I wasn't in town and so the delay in replying.Thank you.
January 29, 2009
8.  seat ke neechae saaman theekse sambhalkar rakho.
7.  correct - but just say 'chalo' it sounds polite. 
6.  ok
5.  theek hain, rahane do, mein doosare coolie ko bulaoonghi
4. Great!!! only 'usase' and not 'usake'
3. Coolie! Idhar aao.yeh saaman platform no.3 par lejana hai. Kitna logae?
2. Kitnae baje chutaeghi?
1. Kaunsae platform par G.T Express  Aayaegi?
January 3, 2009
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