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when do i have to use 'being'?

Could someone help me? I'm not english, i'm an Italian girl dreaming on learning it as a native speaker.. i'm Just joking, i know it's quite difficult despite that i love English and i hope i'll ger better every day more!

Dec 11, 2014 9:03 PM
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Otherwise, human beings are often used.  

March 19, 2015

Where are you being?

Everyone is supposed to have his spiritual being.

Human being is different from most of the creatures on earth because people have feelings.

December 12, 2014



 I am being silly.  You are being silly.

I am being angry with you but I feel that my angry response is justified.

You are being angry with me because you feel justified in using  powerful feelings to express yourself.


  Not all of us are being   unwise.  Some of us at least,  are being  wise in our choice of action.


   I am a human being, and so are you.  


 I am  not being   "abrupt" with you.  I have too much respect for you to treat you that way.


  Being  funny at this moment is not helping us work through the disagreement at all.

Being  serious at this time would be more appropriate. This is nothing to joke around about.


  I am not being frivolous. I am being quite serious.


   If there is a "greatest conceivable  being"  what would you call that? 

Would you call that "God"?


  We are being serious students if we study quietly.

If we make lots of noise and commotion,  we are not being  serious students at all.

December 12, 2014

We may refer that being can be used in four ways:

1. In a progressive tense as the present participle of the verb “be”.

2. In present participial phrases.
3. As a gerund.
4. As a noun.


December 11, 2014
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