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We need a Chat Group!

Send a message , but no answer.

Follow others , but no followers.

Why girls are so popular here?

Why so many guys here,but not participate actively?

There comes a conclusion,maybe we need a chat group,where we can talk about different culture from different country,talk about your hobby,your life,etc.and I believe in this progress we can learn more,of course including language study.So we need to be honest and participate actively!

Come on,guys,for overcoming the communication barrie.

15 de dic de 2014 14:20
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I think gennerally speaking, girls can be more persistent when learning languages. And we spend more time talking (a part of woman nature). But I dont think guys put less efforts, even if I would feel strange if a man stay online whole the time, rather than doing real socialisation.

I just checked the list of my followers, most of them are males, I think it is easy to explain: most people think it is more interesting to study with people in different gender, they can easily find topics. There are some quite nice guys here, they are patient, polite, they help with correcting mistakes, answering questions, and giving advice....

If you really prefer learning with guys, I am sure you can find more.

(btw, what do guys talk usually? About history and politics?)

Good luck            :)

16 de Diciembre de 2014

In my opinion, most people came here for "mutual benefits". Thus, you can find someone whose En is at the same level as yours to learn and practise together if you feel difficult to find a native speaker.

16 de Diciembre de 2014

hehe,you are exactly right,not I will,we wil

16 de Diciembre de 2014

I made some friends in italki and I also met some people who came to me with poor English or not even English. From my experience, always think how you can benefit others before you send them messages. It may take time, but I think you will find some friends in need as well. 

16 de Diciembre de 2014

Yeah,that's right,thank you.I forget it,though there are many users,but they are divided into different classes according to their situation,that seems hard to date a persion in right level

16 de Diciembre de 2014
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