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When I was younger

I was born in 1988 (during the restructure of democracy after dictatorship period) in state of Pernambuco , northeast region of Brazil, the oldest region and one of the poorest regions of the country.

When I was a child we were really poor, I had no toys, no birthday parties, sometimes even food we didnt have enough but today I am so thankful to my parents that have given me the most important once all that I had was the school and books. The condition of the country was very difficult, no job, no dignity, violence. I remember when my older sister was trying to go to university, at that time just existed the federal universities which was and keep being very dificult to be approved but after 3 years she has been aproved.

When I was 12 my mom had a cancer and the treatment was very complicated, she had to do a surgery and I had passed all my childhood afraid to become orphan and after that news the possibility seems could be near, my afraid could come true. My mom didnt die, she recover well (In Brazil we have the sistema único de saúde, the health system is free, have no good quality but in câncer cases, surgeries and HIV the system works well) but the trauma stood in my life and changed my life because at this time I saw that I couldnt live in that situation and the only thing I could do was keep studying and then when I was 12 I projected the plan that I should to follow to overcome that situation, I should start the university and until I be 25 I should be independente.


Of course it wasnt that easy or linear, the life is not linear, sometimes we can use different ways to the same path. 3 years after was my time to have health problems, I just had turned 15 when had 2 respiratory parades and almost died and passed 1 whole year bad, as I had to take medicine and couldnt go out then I started studying 8 hours per day ,I read all the program that was necessary to be aproved in the federal university, I learned by myself a lot about chemistry, math, geography, history, phisics, literature, biology. I was recovering step by step and already could walk long distances, I decided to walk about 4 km per day to save money to buy more books to keep studying because I knew that my parents wouldnt have to buy to me of course, I passed 6 months walking to buy 3 used books. Then I was in my sênior year at school and I was preparing for the exam of the university, I had passed all day long at school Sunday by Sunday hunting my dream, my Project that I have built when I was 12. I passed at university in the 9th place on my course and remember that when I started I had nothing because Ive passed all my life using only the school uniform once we didnt have money to buy others clothes.


It is a report about the life in brazil between 1990 until 2007 (when I went to university), today everything is different, the people have more acess to education and a lot of them didnt live the hard times as before and today thet have the madness to ask the military dictatorship back, people who were born in a different moment that didnt know difficulties about ordinary things like go to school or have a good education as before.


I am a project made by a little girl who was 12 who figured out how the life could be cruel to youngs and poor, I think she would be proud of what her project become today and I would to say to her thank you for looking so far.


P.S.: I became independent at 22 years after I graduate, my parents are still alive and I leaned too early how to do a good Project. I am 26 now.

Dec 24, 2014 12:05 AM
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"I am a project made by a little girl who was 12 who figured out how the life could be cruel to youngs and poor, "

I cannot figure out what it means.
October 22, 2017

  Fascinating story Olga.  I learned  something about  Brazil.

The only knowledge I have of Brazil is  about Beaches,  the friendliness of the people,

and (I think)  "Carnival"?

December 24, 2014

Hi olga:

             I had similer experience with you too, After getting out from hell. There are still challenge that is different view on poor. Sometimes there are reasons under rich situation. It is hardly to say how was my feeling too but I come from nothing, I also can go with nothing. Hope wisedom that you learn can help you. I am satisfied after it, I can go anytime too now. I am still hardly to express how I feel in the world but I think I learn a lot from the road I have been walking on.

December 24, 2014

Hi Olga;

    Story of your life is similer to mine in many ways, except your mom sickness. I also born in 1988. So great to hear that your parents are with you. congrats Olga hardness of life made you a stronger person. 

I would like to write a quote

"you never know how strong she is, untill she gets into the hot water" 

December 24, 2014
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