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discuss the value of studying abroad for Chinese students.

Every year, thousands of Chinese students apply for further studies abroad. Many people believe it will enhance their job opportunities but others question this and do not see any value except the opportunity to live overseas for a while. So study abroad:is it worth it?

2 янв. 2015 г., 11:20
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Here is the funny thing: In 80% of the cases it is definetly not worth it. I see so many Chinese going abroad and desperatly trying to get a degree with a foreign name on it. Usually it's something about economics which you could actually aquire in China for less money and time. Are they doing it only to look more "international"?? I personally know a lot of English and US-American Schools/Universities who are specialized in taking in Chinese student and demand a high fee and slapping them with a crappy degree in the end.
What most Chinese students forget is that you need a lot more than this, if you want a "great" carreer abroad.

-You need a living permit, meaning you have to have lived at least several years in the country in question.
-You need to speak the language at a native level.
-You need to know the culture. I see so many Chinese unable to socialise with foreign people.
-You need a proper job. For that, you need the points above + a very good degree (to be able to compete with the locals) and you problably won't earn significantly more than in China with the same qualification.

I was born in Germany. German middle school, highschool and now university (mechanical engineering). But I also know some Chinese who have prepared themself for this road a long time ago. Those Chinese people are different. I know a few who already started learning German from the age of 15 or so. They passed the language test and are now studying the same with me but with top marks and I absolutely respect them for this dedication.

But to all the people who pass the highschool in china and decide to study abroad on a whim just because they have the money: Don't.

I apologize if I sound ignorant and selfish. But I just see so many students returning to China and knowing that it was not worth it. If you really want to do study abroad: Start planning and think about the requirements, the costs and most importantly the result. :)

2 января 2015 г.

As far as I am concerned, living abroad is generally a positive experience as it helps to broaden the mind and challenge pre-existing stereotypes and conceptions you may have. Of course, studying abroad is slightly different but it can still be an enriching experience. As to whether it will help your job prospects, that depends on what job you want and exactly how you made the most of your time overseas. I have been living abroad for some years now and I wouldn't change it for anything....

2 января 2015 г.

Sorry for Johnnn, of course Nazi did not mean that point up you. Base on China view, I am a Nazi on this size that has been a abstract word to refer that kind of person.

About kill schoolmate, They knew those recoreds would decide their future so that is very important to them under the background. So they commit it. I think the age is more and more low.

I could not speak all social background. 

I only try to find the orignal cause what make them like that.

Like they can not change job and that because company consider that dont wish to invest them in trial on. So their life are like just only one chance. You step wrong once you are done.

I think Nazi's though is one of humanity. That could happen on everyone.

2 января 2015 г.

What do you mean by "Nazi" and "kill schoolmate"? And also, i can barely understand your comment.


My comment is based on my own experience as a German university student. If the nazi-part is directed towards me, then I will flag your post.

2 января 2015 г.

I think it is worth actually, I know those students who go through foreign university will think it is not worth but The value is not reflected on this way. Even though they think that is shit but They still will say it on interview. That is a result but they only want the result. Especially, HR is chinese, They work for living not depend on their profession. So they still use their old idea to face society. They more dare not believe native university cause it is not worth as well. So foreign university is still first choose because they do not experience so they still look forward. Although they will say many excuses but finally their idea is their idea.

China is a mass but mass is a mass, but when they are more comfortable something will happen.

I am thinking why chinese/taiwanese can not change job with their wish? So they are urgent to look for perpetual job without giving their time to try? Social idea has arrangement their life actually, if you dont look like that you are out. So your curriculum vitae should be normal at least.

There is a model like Nazi to run through the society.

Under situation, there are cases happaning to kill schoolmate for winning him on test...etc.



2 января 2015 г.
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