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What do you think about my speech? I want to hear your opinion.

Do you have any person you respect so much? To be honest, I really respect my family more than anything else. There are eight people in my family including my grandparents. We are really close with each other. Especially, my grandparents. They always stay with each other. Actually, we live in a temple. So, my grandfather is a buddist priest. A buddist priest works almost everyday. He is really busy even though he is 88 years old. I think a buddist prist seems like a policeman or firefighter. Because, if people call him even during the vacation, at midnight, or even if he is having a bath. He has to go. So I guess he’s feeling stressed. But, when he got home, my grandmother always tells him “OKAERINASAI”  so I think Without her help, He wouldn’t got have successful. In addition, my grandfather has great trust from a lot of people. And also my granmother is a model of good manners. That’s why, I respect them.

However, she suddenlly collapsed from sickness about 2 years ago. After that, everyday, many many people came to my house. And they blamed themselves. And, they said “Please accept my apologies” many times. But, it’s actually not their fault. So I was surprised and noticed how important she was for them. And, my granfather blamed himself more than anyone else. He looked really regretful for his carelessness on her. But from the next day, he completely changed. He visits the hospital to see her every morning and every night in spite of the fact that he is spending busy days. Of course, we also visit her as much as possible. At first, she was unconscious. But gradually, her condition got better.

Time flied quickly, and one year has passed. Her rehabilitation was over. So she can speak almost without any problems. But, she can’t walk at all. Hence, my grandfather visits her everyday and he is hepling her rehabilitation by himself. He said “I want to see her whose condition is completely recovered” so I felt what the true love is. I really want to be like them. And also now, I really want to “thank” her. But, unfortunately, she doesn’t understand what I am saying. Because, her brain was also damaged by the sickness. To be honest, I regret not having said “thankyou” to her when she could understand. Because, she brought a lot of good things to me. But, I couldn’t do anything for her, not even say “thank you” to her.

Lastly, I want to tell you an important thing. Please say “thank you” to your family, important people, or precious people for you. Because, nobody knows what will happen tomorrow.

Thank you for listening.

Jan 10, 2015 3:57 PM
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Your speech really touched me
i hope your grandmother's conditions will get better than before
tell her "thank you" even if she doesn't understand i think that you'll feel great when you treat her like she is healthy....forget that she is ill and always try to feel that maybe surprisely she'll get healthy and she'll understand and remember what you told her ( i don't even know if this makes sens but i think that can understand how i'm thinking)...i really feel what you're feeling about her
help her with your prayers
i hope she'll be healthy again

January 10, 2015
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