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Dan Smith
Good books in English with low Lexile scores (not difficult to read)

I'm going to post the titles of a few books that have this in common: a) I personally like them, and b) they have Lexile scores under 1000. I suggest other native English speakers do the same. You can find Lexile scores at


Nevil Shute, A Town Like Alice, 870

John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath, 680; Of Mice and Men, 630 (???--these might be simplified editions, can't tell)

Stephen King, 11/22/63, 810 (Horror, SF)

Dick Francis, Whip Hand, 810 (Detective novel)





Typical Reader Measures, by Grade

Grade Reader Measures, Mid-Year
25th percentile to 75th percentile (IQR)
1 Up to 300L
2 140L to 500L
3 330L to 700L
4 445L to 810L
5 565L to 910L
6 665L to 1000L
7 735L to 1065L
8 805L to 1100L
9 855L to 1165L
10 905L to 1195L
11 and 12 940L to 1210L

25. Jan 2015 15:45
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Thanks for the recommendation!

25. Januar 2015
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