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I love soccer, FC Barcelona

Soccer is best sport, my favorite team is FC Barcelona and my favorite player is Lionel Messi. I love this team because he is the first team I watch and this the best team of the world.

2015年1月31日 21:26
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Mohamed, they deserve respect:)  Maybe they are (or "were", a few years ago) the best team in the world, as a matter of a fact.

They possess their distinctive style, they (as well as the Spanish national team) had developed tactics of their own. They changed history of football:)
That's much important for a team to have its style and traditions, for a team shouldn't be just a collection of great players!
And they have a much praised school which is important is well.

Nevertheless.... my heart with Valencia (now they are way less cool:((() and Liverpool. As it was with French national team and Zidane personally before and during 2006 WC:) I don't know why.

Me and my friends has been supporting Barcelona last years, and even has composed a song dedicated to them and their style of football:)


It's pretty hard to keep oneself from correcting the most stupid grammatical errors in a coment just send:( I'll clench teeth and do nothing:/

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