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About Puppy Love

I am not sure whether I am using a right phrase.Puppy love, in my mind,means someone falls in love at an early age(usually under 18).

Nearly all the  Chinese parents and teachers are against puppy love,they think puppy love will do harm to teenages' study.In some schools,if boys and girls are getting too familiar(for example, talking too much,walking together),the teachers will talk to them face to face and try to keep them apart.But does it work? I am not sure. Besides, I would say that love is hard to control.It might be impossible to stop a boy falling in love with a girl,even someone keeps them apart.Actually,even though there are a lot of parents and teachers against puppy love,there are still a lot of students are against their teachers and parents.

I agree that there are some disadvantages of falling in love when one is studying at school.It makes teenages sad sometimes,and might interfere with their schoolwork.It might lead to something bad too,for instance, getting pregnant at a improper age.But I doubt whether it is totally bad.

Are there any similar phenomenons in your country?And what do the adults think of puppy love?What do you think of it?

Feb 15, 2015 7:40 AM
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