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what is your opinion about the currently courtship?

I think women are tired of being difficult and this makes men are no longer so gentlemanly and retailers. So I think it is necessary that we become a little more difficult to conquer

Feb 26, 2015 11:15 PM
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@Juliana - retailers?

@Azite - nice use of commas!

February 27, 2015

Life is like a play, and everyone is trying to play a part. If men would behave in a manly way (not lazy and pushovers), and women would stop trying to overcome men simply to prove equality, things would be Fine.  

February 27, 2015

Well, as a man I think women need to be more gracefull to attract man. Gracefull means not trying to manipulate, respectful and handling her frustration in good manner. Being difficult might push men away. Being simple in life style is big + to attract man.

February 27, 2015

thank to everyone for comments, in the discussion. It really help me to understand more other points of view

February 28, 2015

Women r so different from each other exactly like men,,,, and it is not fair to extend this title for all women as we can't say all men r not gentleman,,,,, it all deponds on what kind of relationship women like to have with men ,,,,, what kind of interaction they like to have with men ,,,,, some r logical but some r not ,,,,, some like to be easy ones some like to be difficult ones,,,,,, and all is because of the kind of relationship the women like to have with men that is completely different with each other .

February 27, 2015
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