the aim of language exchanging websites !!

why would people say they need a language partner to help them with arabic and they can help in german in return but when I try to communicate with them it feels like a drowning desert and they ignore my invitations ??? don't join this kind of websites if you'll just leave people who are in real need for help hanging on at least reject the offer ...

I might decide quiting trying to find a german language partner . :/ 

Mar 10, 2015 8:14 PM
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Yes, you wrote that diary entry. I saw that. It was basically like your opening post here, but with less words. So content-wise it had the same problem. It was just a complaint about the lack of response you are experiencing. That wouldn't make me feel <em>particularly</em> eager to contact you...

And maybe the diaries were not the ideal place... the German-speakers who will read it there are those who correct entries. And they are not necessarily the same who learn Arabic. I would issue that this here is a better place, or maybe in the Arabic discussions.

About you... well what might interest people? Why do you learn German, are you a student or do you work, have you been to Europe, where in Egypt do you live, what's your favourite Sa'idi joke (okay, possibly not that).


March 11, 2015

It surely is impolite not to answer to an appropriately put invitation. I do understand your frustration.

But I think you should have given this thread more thought before opening it.

You could just have written you are looking for a language exchange partner, and a little information about yourself to get people interested. Especially given that your profile is almost empty.


March 11, 2015

 sure I wouldn't write my fave joke in my profile I was just wondering how you've heard about it !! interesting to find out that but if u're interested in arab jokes or particularly Egyptians ones please let me clarify this jokes about sa'idies aren't because the are not good or smart or something like that ... in egypt it 's different they are just a little stubborn and spontaneous sometimes and half of Egyptians have sa'idies roots "you're talking to one by the way !! " :D 

we are just make these jokes just to make fun of our selves :D which I find weird ... 

anyway it was nice to talk to you mister and thanks for your time ... wish me luck with my search and hope you're having a better luck in finding partners . 


P.S. no offence but that was a bad jock :P ;)

March 12, 2015

you have a point of view to be respected . thanks for helping I'll take this in my consideration but usually when I follow someone or write them a private msg I write more details about myself and which level I have reached and my profession and so on in a way directed to a certain person so I thought that's enough . and sometimes I write even in german as a way to reach out .


what is the problem with sa'idi ?? 

I didn't realise what you are talking about until I reread the line :O ?? 

how did you know about it ??? 

March 11, 2015

I'm amused by your non-amusement. Humour is very subjective. I do whish you luck!

March 12, 2015
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