I want to learn English ??أريد أن أتعلم الانجليزية ولا يمكنني الدفع

صباح الخير لكل الموجودين ، أنا محمد من فلسطين ، غزة ، بصراحة دخلت على هذا الموقع لأني أريد تعلم الإنجليزية وتفاجأت بأن أي درس أو أي شئ هنا تريد تعلمه يجب أن تدفع المال ولا يوجد لدي أي من البطاقات الإئتمانية في المنطقة التي أعيش فيها  ، هل يوجد طريقة أخرى للتعلم ؟؟؟

Good morning each present, I am Mohammed from Palestine, Gaza, frankly entered on this site because I want to learn English and I was surprised that any lessons or anything here you want to learn must pay the money I do not have any credit cards in the region where I live, is there another way to learn ???

Mar 11, 2015 8:17 AM
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Salam Muhammed,, Of course there's a way to learn without money on italki specially if you know the basics in English. I'm not a teacher, yet I could tell form the few lines you wrote in English that you have a good level, so the best way is to find a language partner to practice English with and this is free on italki.

From the "community" tab on the top of this page, choose "language partners" and then look for native English speakers who want to learn Arabic. When you find a suitable one that matches your criteria to exchange with, first: read their profiles carefully and see what they're looking for and if it's the same as you, then second: write a message asking to be their language partner. This might take time until you find someone to approve to be your language partner specially with the different time zones, so until then you can write entries in English to improve your writing or even participate in the discussions on italki, this way you'll be noticed by others and you'll make it easy for them to ask you to be their language partner as well. Good luck.

March 11, 2015

شكرا لك عزات أتمنى ذلك ، مودتي محمد

May 3, 2015

thanks Mumtaz

May 3, 2015

تشرفت بمعرفتك اخى اعرف الكثير من الفلسطينين بحكم زيارتى لاقاربى فى شمال سيناء (مدينة العريش) بالقرب من حدود غزه ومصر

May 4, 2015

من الممكن عن طريق التواصل مع اصدقاء يتحدثون الانجليزية بدون دفع المال والكثير هنا متعاونون وسيساعدونك

May 3, 2015
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