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are u smoke? why u smoke? what u feel when u smoke?
Jun 22, 2008 9:33 PM
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i began to smoke when i was 18 years old,just when i got the university,i still smoking until i was 44 years i dont smoke arymore.but if you want to know how did that ,contact with me.
July 5, 2008
I do not smoke and it really bothers me the smoke! But what I can not understaind something else:
I can not understaind people that say they can not give up to smoking! I hear everywere the same line I can not give up to cigarettes! First of all everyone knows cigarrettes are bad for the health , everyone knows it but  few care about it. Second of all how can we say  " I CAN NOT ! " , I think this word shoud not exist in our vocabulary ! 
Of course this is an opinion of non smoking person , I woud really like to hear  what the persons that smoke have to say.......?!

June 27, 2008
no.. i'm not... i hate smoke coz i can breath easily if there's smoke around me
but my friends do.... they said that they could find a new idea if they're smoking. sometimes they can't continue their actifity if no cigarrette
June 24, 2008
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