Playing or watching sport? There are a lot of different sports and some of them are easy to play while others require some excellent skills before trying to play them. Generally I like doing sports and not watching them. I prefer running a marathon rather than watching it on TV. I prefer swimming on my own and try to improve my performance rather than watching unkown swimmers in a competition streamed by a Tv channel. Anyway there are some sports that I like to see on Tv as well, sometimes because of the thrilling about the results of the competitions, sometimes because there are some events they are so important that is really difficult to ignore them. For example I'm very fascinated by the cycling rides which are going across a country, so on summertime I can't resist not to see " Tour de France ". I put myself on the sofa and I enjoy watching TV also where the Olympics are on. Obviously it's more excting and healthy doing sports rather than watching them on TV, but the second option is easier and it could be the first step to set off with doing sport.
Apr 14, 2015 4:31 PM
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