Today is the second day of my product practice, everything is so wonderful, the air, the plants, the animals, even the sound. Everything and everything is so fantastic. It was a little rainy, when it stopped, I could smell the plants in the air. The smell was so amazing that made me relaxed, comfortable, and delighted. When it touched my nose, I could feel the existed of nature clearly. And when I looked out, all kinds of plants became more alive, the flowers bloomed more brightly, the trees became more green, all kinds of plants was growing in a magical way in this land, it's absolutely beautiful. Besides, I saw some birds, they are a little different with which I saw before and I heard their vioce that was very fascinating and that was like a song that can soothe a broken heart and make people feel peaceful. The air, the plants, the birds and the sounds make up a beautiful picture, it is like fairland in the movie, even now, I can't believe that is true, I can't believe that I really smell it, saw it, and heard it. The scenery here is so beauitiful that I feel like I'm just dreaming here.
Jun 3, 2021 1:15 PM
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Chinese (Mandarin), English
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