Hello everybody! I would be thankful if you help me correct this text: Have you ever seen that video in which Tesla motion sensors capture a spirit in a graveyard? The video has been recorded from the inside of a car parked in a graveyard. The camera shows an empty graveyard, Then turns inside the car and shows the screen of motion sensor which shows a human-shaped being around the car disappearing from one point and appearing in another point so fast. But when the camera turns around, there is nobody visible around the car. Do you believe that the sensors have captured a real ghost? This question was what made that video such publicity when it published in TikTok for the first time. Lots of people have been commenting about the reasons. Some say that it's just a manipulated video to fool people. Some consider it as an error in motion sensors of the vehicle. But there are people thinking it's a reasonable sighting of ghosts. they believe that spirits are a kind of electromagnetic waves and if we can invent a proper device we would be able to reveal their presence. This way, they convince themselves to consider the video as an evidence of existence of ghosts. However, there is no research done about and no answer given to that video. I guess it might stay unsolvable over years, like other hoaxes about ghosts.
Jun 4, 2021 4:40 AM
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