Today is cloudy and I am in a bad mood.I just think that I am worthless.I am an English major ,but, unlike my classmates,my English is not good.I can't express my thoughts correctly in English sometimes and my pronunciation and intonation is poor.I can't remember the words I have studied.What adds to my sadness is the presentation I make in my extensive reading class last week,because my teacher give me a very low score for it.And I feel at a loss now.
Oct 26, 2020 2:10 AM
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Today is cloudy and dark, which matches my mood. I often just think that I am completely worthless. I am an English major, but unlike my classmates, my ability in it is not even remotely good. Many times, I can't seem to express my thoughts correctly, and sometimes both my pronunciation and my intonation is poor. Seemingly, I can't even remember the words I have studied. What adds to my sadness is the grade I received for the presentation that I made in my extensive reading class last week, because my teacher give me a very low score for it. So now, I definitely feel lost, and I do not know what to do, or how to move forward.
Hi, Freedom. First, you are not worthless. Please do not think that way. Second, perhaps you need to change the way you are learning English, as obviously, the current way is not working for you. Third, it does not mean that you are less intelligent, or anything like that, but instead, simply that that way of learning, of studying, isn’t working for you. We are all different, and we each learn best in our unique way, so you need to find it. Finally, as you have access to the internet, visit as it has everything you will need to learn English. You can also search for the Voice of America (VOA) website, as it, too, has learning materials. YouTube also has ESL videos and materials. I, and numerous others, are here on iTalki, so please reach out to us, we’ll be glad to help you. Best of luck.
October 26, 2020
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