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4. .Cooperating with the Ministry of Health to provide the tests: The Ministry of health cooperated with four private hospital which are NMC hospital, Badr Al samaa hospital, Apolo hospital and Al Abeer hospital for offer free inspection and sampling through coupons that were provided from those hospitals targeting the simple expatriate workforce and those working for daily wages 5. .Prepare the necessary medical equipment: To transfer the infected persons to the isolation places Badr Al-Samaa Hospital, Babylon Medical Center and Bilad Al-Salam Medical Center have been provided six ambulances , where a hotel, given all medical and catering services, has been allocated as an closing off spot under the supervision of the common solider health part. Also, to provide radiology service they 2 mobile x-ray machines were provided with a radiologist.
Oct 17, 2020 6:54 PM
Khamis 123
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